Help Bring More Kids to Fish Creek

Posted on: June 12th, 2015

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy Fish Creek – including disadvantaged youth. The Learning Naturally program in Fish Creek enables students in Grades K – 6 to experience nature, and you can help the program continue. Your donation will help fund the program and give disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn in the outdoors. Every dollar you donate goes to the Learning Naturally program, and you will receive a tax receipt for any donation of $20 or more.

Learning Naturally program1

And during the month of June, every donation you make will be part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge give the Friends of Fish Creek another entry in the draw for $10,000 from CanadHelps. With $10,000 the Friends of Fish Creek program can accommodate an additional 1,000 children from under privileged backgrounds to take part in this environmental education program.

Each programming day costs approx. $500 and enables 50 kids to learn about nature in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Participants learn about the amazing outdoors and the importance of environmental conservation through programs like Insect Intrigue, Wildlife Cycles, Plant Communities, Wetlands, Tree Tales, the Fish Creek Family. Not only that, but some children who are new to Canada experience nature for the first time through the Learning Naturally program.

Learning Naturally program2

Learning Naturally receives no Provincial Government funding, so your donations enable this program to continue to exist! Click here to learn more about supporting the program and click here to donate.

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