Glenbow Ranch September Updates (and Upcoming Events)

Posted on: September 28th, 2015

The days are getting shorter, but there’s no shortage of action at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park this fall! Read on for updates and upcoming events.

Construction on the long-awaited Bearspaw Trail got underway in September. The 2.2 kilometer section of trail will connect Michael’s Creek to the eastern-most boundary of the park – the boundary Glenbow Ranch shares with the City of Calgary’s Haskayne Park. Construction is estimated to be completed toward the beginning of October.

Future site of Bearspaw Trail

In mid-September Sheri Peyerl and her crew wrapped up this year’s work on an archaeological dig at Glenbow Ranch. Shari is leading the excavations for the Archaeological Society of Alberta, and she led the excavation at the narrows. Her hope was to find clues about the daily lives of the Quarry Manager’s family. Robert and Anabelle Dickson came to Canada from  Ireland and made Glenbow their home while Robert oversaw the daily activities at Glenbow Quarry.

Archaeological excavations at Glenbow Ranch

All the action hasn’t stopped the regular programming at Glenbow Ranch! There’s still time to register for a couple upcoming events. On Wednesday, September 30, learn all about coyotes with coyote expert Dr. Shelley Alexander. She’ll lead you on a walk and also talk about their history, evolution, place in mythology, and their diet. You’ll also learn how to peacefully coexist with coyotes. The cost is $5 per person. Click here to register.

Living With Coyotes event - Glenbow Ranch

On Friday, October 2, visit Glenbow Ranch for the Star Night at the Park event. Members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will help you look through a telescope and will also present a talk about “What’s up in the Night Sky.” The cost is $5 per person. Click here to register.


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