Friends of Fish Creek Offer Hands and Heart

Posted on: January 30th, 2015

The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday January 29, 2015 at the Environmental Learning Centre. The agenda included all of the regular house-keeping items normally discussed at AGMs such as approving last year’s minutes, approving Directors, etc.  However three items are worth special mention.


–          Phil Greer provided the Treasurer’s Report which illustrated a loss in last fiscal’s operating budget, primarily due to reduced sponsorships. Thankfully, the society has been fiscally responsible and can easily absorb the loss. Plus the staff has already secured significant new sponsorship for this fiscal including a four year commitment from the TD Bank towards the Learning Naturally program.


–          Roland Kirzinger, of Alberta Parks gave us an update on the flood recovery progress to date and the goal to have Bridge #9 repaired and reopened by the summer. He also confirmed that the park’s 2015 priorities include the repair of the remaining washed out pathway near Shannon Terrace and the picnic areas near Mallard Point.


–          Katie Pearson, Project and Programs Director, unveiled a new video produced by her and Shana Barbour-Welsh titled Hands and Heart. This 3 minute clip provides a lovely overview of the park as well as the work done by volunteers to restore the creek bank just south of The Ranche Restaurant.  Watch it. It will lift your spirit and bring you hope.

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